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A little catch up

I thought it was about time to write a blog…

A lot has happened this year, the biggest thing being that I’ve had a baby! Ivy was born 9th May, and has brought so much happiness and joy to my life. It has also made my life a lot busier, and at times, a lot harder to run my little business! Tasks that once seemed quick and simple, turned into long and difficult challenges! The biggest challenge this year was delivering flowers with a young Ivy, (lots of nappy explosions and feeds in church car parks!) BUT, I’ve got (almost) through the year and managed to flower many beautiful weddings! I’ve had my wonderful mum on hand to help and my husband also! I could not do it without them!

Each and every wedding has been so enjoyable. What I’ve really liked this year, is how different each wedding has been, I’ve had bold, colourful summery themes, and toned down vintage ones, I’ve had wildflower themes and gorgeous contrasting colours, I’ve even had one based on peacock feathers! My advice to any bride is to just go with what you like. What means something to you. Don’t feel any pressure to follow trends or what you think you should be having. Just be yourself!